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Poll results indicate Tom Brady’s likeability continues to plummet


In a hardly surprising development, a poll conducted by E-Poll Market Research indicates that Tom Brady is at an all-time career low when it comes to his likeability, according to a report from ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

More than 1,000 people representative of the U.S. population were polled this week and the outcome was not favorable to the New England Patriots quarterback in the wake of his four-game suspension and the damning portrayal of his conduct contained in the Wells Report.

All told, Brady’s “E-Score celebrity index” took a nosedive, with a whopping 47 percent of those surveyed indicating they don’t much care for the quarterback. The results are part of a continuing downward spiral relative to Brady’s likeability, as only 32 percent of those polled following the Patriots’ Super Bowl XLIX win — when the DeflateGate accusations were at full tilt — found him unlikeable.

To put Brady’s likeability in perspective, the 47 percent score is exactly where those surveyed scored Tiger Woods. Further, the average E-Score for the 1,500 athletes E-Poll has indexed is 86 percent.

Historically speaking, the plummeting of Brady’s likeability that has occurred over the past several months is indicative of a subtle trend. Ten years ago, Brady’s likeability was at an all-time high at 90 percent. But after “Spygate” reared its ugly head, Brady’s E-Score celebrity index rating dropped to 77 percent. And then, “Deflategate” happened, resulting in the unfavorable data seen over the past handful of months.

E-Poll indicated that the results of February’s poll do not appear to be motivated by jealousy exhibited by fans of rival teams, as when those surveyed were asked, they indicated it was Brady’s seemingly dishonest conduct related to the deflation of footballs.