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Russell Wilson fires off cryptic tweets about ‘lack of gratefulness & respect’


The Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson are in the midst of a protracted negotiation process related to the quarterback’s next contract. While there have been whispers of ebbs and flows and rumors of some progress being made, the parties’ inability to come to terms on a mutually satisfactory extension of course comes down to one thing: Money.

A report from a few weeks ago suggested that Wilson and the Seahawks are “10s of millions apart” in arriving at a number, so the stage certainly is set for frustration on Wilson’s part. The dire assessment of how the negotiations are proceeding corroborated an earlier report from April that indicated little to no progress was being made.

With all that in mind, Wilson took to Twitter on Thursday and shot off two tweets that couldn’t have been more cryptic, although they are consistent with themes Wilson frequently relies upon for his tweets. And because of the nature of his social media musings, the meaning or meanings behind the two from Thursday can be interpreted countless ways.

The photo linked in the tweet is from his workouts at the NFL Combine.

Obviously, the knee-jerk reaction is to assume the tweets are related to how Wilson is becoming frustrated with the progress — or lack thereof — in hammering out a deal with the Seahawks.

Given how Wilson frequently issues up tweets about motivation, self-confidence,and things of that nature, the tweets could be completely benign, innocuous, and most of all, not related in any way to his contract negotiations with the team. Conspiracy theorists, though, will have a field day with the tweets as they attempt to glean what exactly Wilson is attempting to convey.

And Seahawks fans? The tweets could very well give them indigestion. Perhaps the most over-anxious ones should make a donation to the “Keep Russell Wilson in Seattle” GoFundMe page. The site so far has raised $889 of its stated $5 million goal, so there’s plenty of work to do.