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Colts defensive lineman Arthur Jones too large to fit in his new Corvette (pic)


Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman Arthur Jones recently got himself a brand new Corvette. Sadly, due to the fact that he is 6-foot-3 and weights 337 pounds, the only thing Jones could do is stand beside it.

Because he’s far too large of a man to fit in such an itty-bitty vehicle.

Jones posted the above photograph to Instagram along with the message, “Wish I could fit. Guess it’s going back to the dealer. Lol Way up i feel blessed!” He added the hashtag, “#bigboyproblems,” a remarkably accurate assessment of the situation. Another possible hashtag to summarize his conundrum would be “richguyproblems,” given the sticker price of a ‘Vette like that one.

One question, though: Why in the world would a person buy a car — presuming Jones actually purchased the vehicle and didn’t receive it as a gift or something — without test-driving it first? Climbing into the vehicle — or at least trying to in this instance — would have made alerted Jones to his eventual issue from the get go.

And while we will never see Jones attempting to cram himself into his new sports car, we can always find enjoyment in the photographs of then-San Diego Chargers defensive tackle Antonio Garay squeezing into his Hello Kitty-emblazoned, convertible Smart Car. That’s something.

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