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New England radio station fires back at Jets fans’ ‘#TomShady’ billboards (pic)


 A rock radio station in New Hampshire has delivered its snarky retort to a batch of anti-Tom Brady billboards that have popped up in New Jersey mocking the New England Patriots quarterback and his four-game suspension (which is now on appeal).

The original signs, 12 in all and reportedly financed by a group of “anonymous Jets fans” according to the billboard company, bear the message, “#TomShady,” along with the patented team chant “J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!” The billboards are electronic so the turnaround from the order on Monday to going live on Tuesday required minimal effort.

Well, 94-WJY, “Providence’s Home of Rock and Roll,” apparently has responded in kind, funding a smack-talking billboard of its own, this one mocking the Jets’ considerable championship dry spell when compared to the Patriots’ esteemed Super Bowl pedigree.


Boom. Shots were fired. And then, shots were returned. There’s nothing like a good old fashioned billboard war to get the rivalry juices flowing. Or something.

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