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Guy gets Broncos logo tattooed inside lower lip because why not? (pic)


Gotta support the team, right?

In the pantheon of sports-related tattoos — an extensive gallery of misfires, bold proclamations proven erroneous and demonstrations of outright idiocy — having the logo of one’s favorite sports team tattooed on the inside of one’s mouth certainly ranks up there in the most outrageous expressions in ink.

This Denver Broncos fan apparently woke up one day and thought to himself, “Hey, you know what sounds like fun? Getting a tattoo on the inside of my lower lip! But what to get … what to get? I do love the Broncos, so ipso facto, away I go to the tattoo parlor!”

Amazingly — and arguably sadly, depending on one’s particular point of view on such things — this isn’t the first lip tattoo inked in honor of a beloved NFL team, or in this other instance, player.

Johnny Nichols, a New England Patriots fan had the name of “Tom Brady” tattooed into his lower lip ahead of the team’s AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts, a gridiron tilt that will forever be known from here on out as “Deflategate Game.”

An interesting aside: Your humble writer used the following phrase to characterize Nichols’ impulsive ink: “In his Pats-addled mind, Nichols figured the only way to get rightfully pumped up for the team’s AFC Championship Game showdown with the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday was to get a tattoo … on the inside of his mouth.”

How unintentionally and accidentally prescient, eh?

[H/T The Big Lead, image via Matthew Balagat/Twitter]