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White House press secretary: Tom Brady can still be a good role model


The entire Deflategate controversy and subsequent fallout from the Wells Report obviously is the biggest current talker in professional sports. It has swirled up analysis, conjecture, speculation, hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth in places and outlets where football rarely is discussed.

But the fact that White House press secretary Josh Earnest was asked about the firestorm certainly illustrates just how big of a story the New England Patriots’ Deflategate controversy has become irresistible fodder in the realm of public debate.

Earnest, who previously became embroiled in the Deflategate debate after it was suggested that unflattering comments he made about Tom Brady at the onset of the scandal may have been the primary reason why the quarterback skipped out on the Patriots’ visit to the White House in April.

Brady later denied that was the case, instead excusing his absence by indicating that had he received more notification, he would have made it.

All that aside, Earnest, a noted Kansas City Chiefs fan, arguably could be considered the unlikeliest of allies or defenders of Brady in the wake of his now-standing four-game suspension. Nevertheless, Earnest went to bat for Brady, suggesting the quarterback can still be a great role model for children, despite the stain on his reputation.

“I do think that people around the world, particularly children, particularly boys, do look up to Tom Brady,” Earnest said on Tuesday, via a CSNNE report. “He is somebody who has a reputation for professionalism. He’s somebody who’s enjoyed tremendous success on the football field and has carried himself off the field in a way that has earned the respect of a lot of people. And I think that as he confronts this particular situation and he determines what the next steps will be for him, that he’ll be mindful of the way that he serves as a role model to so many, not just American kids as you point out, but to kids around the world.”

Earnest makes a compelling argument, one that will certainly ring true in the hearts of loyal Patriots fans. For others, though, that may not be the case.

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