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NFL Shop still letting fans customize Tom Brady jerseys with snarky digs (pic)


As the fallout of the damning findings contained in the Ted Wells Report regarding the New England Patriots’ DeflateGate controversy continues to dominate headlines, sports talk radio and the like, it appears the NFL is either unaware or unwilling to do anything about fans creating customized, snarky Tom Brady jerseys at the quarterback’s expense.

As of Wednesday morning, visitors to NFL Shop’s online store are still allowed to customize Brady jerseys to their liking. “TOM SHADY,” “CHEATER,” “DEFLATOR,” you name it. They’re all on the table.

When a controversy involving a particular player arises, the NFL generally is reasonably swift in responding to attempts by wisenheimers to create customized jerseys featuring names or monikers condemning the player. So far, that’s not the case with Brady. The NFL not doing anything yet in this instance can be interpreted as one chooses.

(image via NYDN)