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Boston Herald’s Patriots headline: ‘Why do they hate us?’ (photo)


The Boston Herald is experiencing a bout with “Sally Field’s Oscar acceptance speech in Bizarro World” level of navel-gazing on its cover Wednesday, openly opining, “Why Do They Hate Us?” in reference to their perception of how the world at large is treating the New England Patriots in the wake of the Ted Wells Report.

The query, “Anybody Have Any Ideas?” is also parenthetically offered up in the headline as well. Although it’s worth noting that the two lead columns promoted above the cover story are two pieces with titles that allude to exactly why the newspaper perceives there to be so much hating on the Patriots:

“Deflategate is all about envy,” penned by Tom Shattuck and “Howling winds of jealousy,” written by Joe Fitzgerald, are prominently featured on the cover. It appears the Boston Herald‘s editorial stance regarding the fallout of the Deflategate controversy is quite clear.

Alrighty then. Although the Herald‘s cover does make for a nice counterbalance to what the New York tabloids have been running over the past handful of days.

(image via Darren Rovell/Twitter)