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Josh Hamilton autographed a baby during minor league game (photo)


Josh Hamilton had about as tumultuous an offseason a ballplayer can endure, suffering a troubling drug and alcohol relapse that culminated in a protracted and controversial affair that ultimately resulted in him being dealt from the Los Angeles Angels back to the Texas Rangers.

To make things all the more complicated, Hamilton also underwent shoulder surgery in February and before he returns to the big leagues, Hamilton was sent on a rehab assignment in the minor leagues.

Hamilton currently is playing ball with the Round Rock Express, the Rangers’ Triple-A affiliate. Not only does Hamilton have to get back in playing shape, he arguably needs to ingratiate himself to the fans, who rightfully may be somewhat skeptical about his future in light of the ballplayer’s troubled recent past.

Hamilton demonstrated he is well-aware of a tried-and-true way to warm folks’ hearts with the simplest of acts, one that has been utilized by politicians for generations: Make nice with babies.


Yep, Hamilton took a moment to put his John Hancock on an infant. Cue “oohs” and “ahhs” as needed. Well played, Mr. Hamilton. Well played, indeed.

(top photo credit: ESPN, Hamilton/Baby pic via Michael Florek/Twitter)