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Redskins GM: Bryce Harper would be a safety, not a corner, because he’s white


Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan attended the Capitals’ Game 4 showdown with the Rangers and shared a Verizon Center suite with Bryce Harper. The GM was left impressed with the cut of Harper’s jib, referring to him as “a quality guy,” and later discussed the Nationals superstar’s pro football prospects during a radio interview.

McCloughan was asked what position Harper would play if he were to become a two-sport star. His answer could be interpreted by some as a tad tacky or a little tone-deaf.

“Ehhhhh, probably strong safety,” McCloughan told 106.7 the fan, via CSN Washington. “But, I went to a game a couple weeks ago, and he flipped his hips and caught a fly ball out in right field in the corner, and I thought, maybe [cornerback]. But I’m thinking, uhh, okay, no, he’s gotta be a safety. He’s a white guy.”

Jason Sehorn resembles that remark. Although perhaps it’s somewhat relevant to note that according to a 2011 New York Times report, all 167 cornerbacks listed on NFL rosters on a Monday in December of that year were African-American. Unfortunately, more recent data could be tracked down.

All that aside, it doesn’t mean McCloughan was justified in perpetuating that long-held stereotype, even if he was in all likelihood making the observation in a joking manner … although the thought of an executive on a team that’s been harshly criticized for egregious racial insensitivity certainly isn’t going to help matters.

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