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‘Jeopardy!’ contestants unaware the Cubs have a pants-less bear mascot


An answer in “Final Jeopardy” about the identity of a professional sports team who recently introduced a mascot left a trio of contestants completely befuddled.

The correct question in this particular edition of “Final Jeopardy” revolved around Clark the Cub, the relatively recent mascot of the Chicago Cubs, who was greeted with quite the dose of controversy, as the team’s fans passionately revolted against his introduction.

Clark the Cub also was universally condemned on the Internet and became the subject of an incredibly inappropriate but hilarious meme courtesy of Deadspin that riffed on his “pants-less-ness.”

Moving on, regarding the beleaguered mascot’s inclusion on “Final Jeopardy,” here was the answer posed:


And the responses of the contestants, who failed completely to varying degrees of ineptitude.

clark-the-cub-jeopardy clark-the-cub-jeopardy-2 clark-the-cub-jeopardy-3

Oftentimes, when a sports-themed answer comes up during a “Jeopardy!” episode, we sports fans are allowed the opportunity to laugh, mock and ridicule at the relative shortcomings of the contestants who are by every other measure our intellectual superiors.

But even the most rudimentary of sports-related items can leave the biggest brainiacs on the long-running quiz show summarily stumped, much to our enjoyment, as it gives we mouth-breathing sports fans some feeling of superiority over the trivia-gifted overlords.

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