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Daily News portrays Tom Brady as Pinocchio: ‘Big Nose, Small Balls’ (pic)


As the Ted Wells report was released on Wednesday regarding the investigation into DeflateGate, and the findings contained therein seemingly has run roughshod over the integrity and reputation of the New England Patriots … or it hasn’t, depending on one’s particular point of view.

The investigation and the report’s findings seem to implicate Tom Brady to some degree and no matter how one chooses to interpret things, the report arguably does not paint a flattering picture of the Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

While the sports media world at-large — and NFL brass — debate the merits of the report and weigh who should be punished and how severely if so, the New York dailies, as they are wont to do, took a hardline stance on Brady’s presumed DeflateGate guilt and raked him over the coals in their typical, snarky, tabloid-esque fashion.

For its cover, the New York Daily News went somewhat reserved other than the headline, “Great Balls of Liar!” and a mock-up of the Patriots logo featuring the moniker, “Deflatriots.”

The New York Post similarly opted for a conservative photo of Brady but utilized the provocative headline, “NFL probe has Brady … BY THE BALLS!”


Finally, the Daily News’ back page won the tabloid battle for most ridiculous — albeit amusing — send-up of Brady’s role in the DeflateGate scandal, portraying him as Pinocchio alongside the headline, “Big Nose, Small Balls.”

Well played. Kind of. In a way.

[H/T SB Nation]