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Joakim Noah denies Cardale Jones beef, downplays run-ins with Cavs fans


Joakim Noah had a lot going on off the court during the Chicago Bulls’ 106-91 Game 2 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night, distractions which he either completely denied or significantly downplayed when speaking to reporters after practice on Thursday.

Between a so-called beef with Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Cardale Jones and two purported run-ins with Cavaliers fans, Noah certainly had his hands full.

Noah did his best to not allow these incidents to become distractions for the Bulls as the team prepares for Friday’s Game 3 showdown with the Cavs at the United Center.

Regarding the feud with Jones, Noah practically laughed it off, suggesting he had no idea about it until Thursday morning.

“I didn’t know who he was until this morning,” Noah said, via ESPN’s Nick Friedell. “But I wish him nothing but the best. I like Urban Meyer, I guess.”

Noah reportedly hollered, “You ain’t in the SEC!” when Jones, along with several members of the Buckeyes football team, were addressing the crowd before the game.

This elicited some fiery responses from Jones on Twitter. Directing separate tweets to Noah’s Twitter handle, Jones wrote, “watch yo mouth before I give you these hands chump,” and later added, “I’m at [Noah’s] neck the rest of the series for that comment.”

Noah on Thursday also claimed he had no idea who Jones was and that he doesn’t allow things to distract him during the postseason.

“I’m not watching videos,” he said, via Pro Basketball Talk. “I’m not talking to people during timeouts. I’m trying to focus on winning. I’m serious. I have never talked to Cordell? Cardale? I’m just getting ready and focused for these games.”

Regarding the alleged incidents with Cavaliers fans, Noah told a security staffer that a fan spit on him as he was leaving the court, according to a tweet from CSN Chicago’s Chuck Garfien.

When asked about that incident, Noah refused to comment, saying, “I don’t want to talk about that. It’s unnecessary.”

Noah also had a run-in with another fan when leaving the court at halftime. Video showed Noah have some kind of physical contact with said fan.

Regarding that incident, Noah insisted, “I was just saying hello.”

So, yeah, a pretty eventful night for Noah, indeed.

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