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Justin Verlander on social media critics: ‘C’mon, what do these people expect?’


Justin Verlander was on the receiving end of some snarky social media backlash over the weekend when folks criticized him for a public outing with girlfriend Kate Upton. The critics asserted that to do such a thing — go out with his girlfriend — indicated he was not taking his rehabilitation seriously enough.

Verlander, currently on the 15-day disabled list due to a right triceps strain, lashed out at those critics with a snarky social media post of his own. After noticing some backlash on two posts to Instagram (here and here) which showed he and Upton enjoying a night out and another of the couple spending some time at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, the pitcher posted the following photo.

Along with the photograph of the contemplative pitcher relaxing in bed, Verlander posted the following message: “Dear haters… I have heard you. Therefore since I have done all of the rehab I can possibly do already I shall not move from my bed nor enjoy my life whatsoever for the rest of the day so you think I’m trying,” along with the hashtags, “#yourwelcome,” “#hateonhaters,” and “#lovetherealfans.”

Verlander expanded upon his shot back at social media “haters” on Tuesday ahead of Detroit’s road game in Chicago against the White Sox.

“C’mon, what do these people expect?” he asked, via The Detroit News. “I can’t be attached to a machine for 24 hours.”

A fair comeback, to be sure. Verlander appeared a bit less confrontational about the matter on Tuesday, although he reportedly remained irked over it and wouldn’t back away from his opinion that the criticisms are unfounded and unfair.

“That’s how I feel,” Verlander said, with an irked grin. “These comments — what do you want?

“It’s social media, and people with a negative voice speak out, while positive people go about their business.

“It was interesting,” he said of the comments on social media. “But that’s what social media is, or what it should be: entertaining.”

While Verlander’s notion of an entertaining and snark-free social media world without negativism is a nice thought, it’s a Utopian ideal unlikely to be realized. After all, haters gonna hate.

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