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Burger King reportedly paid $1M for mascot to be in Mayweather’s entourage


Fast food giant Burger King is being roundly criticized for ponying up a whopper of a fee to have its “King” mascot be part of Floyd Mayweather’s entourage for his bout with Manny Pacquiao last weekend.

Fortune reports that Burger King, along with fantasy sports site FanDuel and watchmaker Hublot each paid $1 million to be part of the big fight. Mayweather generally is considered endorsement poison due to his long and troubling history of domestic violence, but the three companies evidently felt the enormous publicity generated would far outweigh any negative blow back from their involvement with Mayweather.

The “Burger King” mascot was highly visible as part of the boxer’s entourage.

It was a risky move to be sure, and Burger King received quite a bit of blow back on social media for its promotional gambit, as documented in a Business Insider report.

Companies as a rule generally have steered clear of affiliating themselves with Mayweather, as noted by Fortune’s Daniel Roberts.

“Brands have, for the most part, stayed away from Mayweather over the years precisely because of his public image,” Roberts writes. “He has three times in a row topped the Fortunate 50, our Sports Illustrated/Fortune athlete earnings list—all with zero outside endorsement deals.”

When asked why the company would choose to affiliate their brand with the controversial boxer, Burger King somewhat sidestepped the question, stating, “We don’t call him the King for nothing,” obviously referring to the mascot, not Mayweather.

When asked to expand on the comment, a Burger King spokesman said, “We do not have anything else to contribute at this time.”

(image credit: Business Insider/Twitter)