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Two sections of Wrigley Field’s bleachers to open on Monday


It’s been a long and arduous road filled with unavoidable potholes the size and scope of a row of hastily installed port-a-potties, but the Chicago Cubs finally announced a bit of good news as it relates to the much-maligned renovation of Wrigley Field.

The team announced on Tuesday that two sections of Wrigley’s bleachers — located in left- and center-field — will open on Monday, meaning some semblance of normalcy will begin to resonate in the historic ballpark as the organization continues Phase 1 of the $325 million renovation.

Meanwhile, the bleachers located in right-field are expected to be completed and open for business on June 11. The team indicated work will continue throughout May and June to ensure that target date comes to fruition.’s Carrie Muskat notes that as work continues to complete renovations to the newly-opened bleacher sections in full that portable and fixed concessions and vendors will be open.

Given the nightmarish scenario that ensued as the the Cubs planned and continues to execute the massive undertaking that goes with renovating a century-plus-old ballpark — including a seemingly endless run of lawsuits, rats overrunning Wrigleyville in some kind of plague-like horror show, fans being forced to urinate in plastic cups due to inadequate restroom accommodations —  any good news undoubtedly is a welcome development.

After all, it was only about one month ago that Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel likened the less-than-stellar conditions at Wrigley to looking like Baghdad. Anything remotely positive is a step up from there. Obviously.

(image courtesy of Cubs)