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Paul George donates $10,000 for young fan’s wheelchair-accessible van


Indiana Pacers star Paul George went recently went above and beyond to help make the life of a young fan with cerebral palsy just a little bit easier.

George on Sunday donated $10,000 to a charitable drive on a GoFundMe account to help pay for a wheelchair-accessible van for the family of 10-year-old Daisy Esterline.

The Pacers star previously had met young Daisy on a hospital visit and her father Howard tweeted a message to George to ask for his support.

The family have been attempting to raise funds for over a year, so it was more than appreciated when George happily accommodated the family’s request, promptly depositing $10,000 in the GoFundMe account, writing, “Keep fighting daisy I am with you!”

The Pacers confirmed on Monday that George was the individual who made the donation, per an rtv-6 report.

Due in large part to George’s donation, the family announced on Tuesday that they have raised enough funds to put a down payment on the van.

A member of Daisy’s family tweeted their gratitude for George’s donation, to which the NBA star responded.

George obviously has more than enough money to make the donation, if not more, but that doesn’t take away one bit from the thoughtfulness and generosity demonstrated by this charitable act.

Kudos, Paul George.

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