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Dwyane Wade’s Met Gala attire allegedly cost upwards of $900,000 (pics)


Dwyane Wade, along with wife Gabrielle Union, made quite the splash on the red carpet at the Met Gala on Monday and given the rumors that the clothing, jewelry and other accessories donned by the Miami Heat star cost upwards of one million dollars, perhaps it shouldn’t be all that surprising.

“Fashion sources” for TMZ estimate that the two outfits Wade wore at the Met Gala — one for the actual event (above) and one for the afterparty (below) — could be worth up to $900,000, which is a hefty chunk of change, regardless of one’s respective income bracket.


The fashion sources provided the following breakdown of Wade’s two outfits.

1st Outfit

Versace Tux — $3,900
Custom red sash — (no price, but it was custom made by Versace … so, expensive).
Shirt — $395
Del Toro suede leather Italian loafers — $395
Bow tie from Wade’s Tie Bar collection — $20
Hublot watch with diamond skeleton face — $113,000
Buccellati jewelry¬†on tie and jacket — $500,000

2nd Outfit

White Versace jacket — $8,000
Jewelry — $250,000
Cufflinks — $2,000
Versace Monk strap shoes — $1,500
Versace pants — $6,000

Goodness gracious. Six grand for a pair of pants? That’s kooky talk, although what else would one pair with an ensemble that included an $8,000 jacket and a $1,500 pair of shoes. Mercy.

Wade presumably didn’t literally spend $900,000 on his Met Gala attire — although obviously he could have afforded it — as it’s conceivable that the extremely, almost garishly, expensive jewelry he wore was on loaner status, a common practice for the beautiful people who attend such high-class events. But that may not necessarily be the case, either.

Still, odds are good the actual clothing was Wade’s to begin with or is his to keep, which means the NBA superstar spent more on clothing for one event than most people spend on their wardrobe over a period of many, many years.

It’s well-known that Wade has an affinity for fancy attire. After all, he is considered one of the most fashion-forward players in the NBA, although some outfits he has donned in the past are of a questionable nature. But who knew the Miami Heat star was willing to go to such great lengths when it comes making the scene while rubbing elbows with the A-lister glitterati?

(photos via Instagram)