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Charlie Sheen’s advice for Josh Hamilton is Charlie Sheen-level awful


As he is wont to do from time to time, Charlie Sheen emerged on social media on Monday to articulate some random thoughts or dispense an unhinged opinion on some relatively newsworthy topic.

It’s been a little over a week since Josh Hamilton became the center of the baseball world as a result of how his most recent relapse into alcohol and drug abuse set the wheels in motion to a situation that ultimately resulted in him being traded by the Los Angeles Angels back to the Texas Rangers. Sheen nevertheless decided the time was right to weigh in on the troubled slugger’s difficulties with chemical dependency and drug addiction and how it relates to his professional life.

And given Sheen’s history with such things — and his steadfast refusal to change his ways — perhaps it’s not surprising how the actor advised Hamilton to deal with his off-the-field struggles.

‚ÄúDear Josh Hamilton, How you are being treated by the ‘Devils’ is shameful,” Sheen wrote on Twitter. “F— AA. Have a drink and go hit some bombs! c #GetOuttaMyGrill.”

There you have it. And while the sage wisdom dispensed by Sheen is indeed defiant, it’s almost certain Hamilton’s professional baseball career would be over if he were to follow that advice.

But that’s the thing about taking lifestyle advice from Charlie Sheen: It’s best not to heed it. Obviously. Even with all the “tiger blood” coursing through his veins — among other things — while he makes grandiose boasts about “winning” and other such nonsense.

(image credit: The Globe and Mail)