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Titans kicker to Marcus Mariota: Arm-wrestle me for jersey number (video)


With the Tennessee Titans selecting Marcus Mariota with the second overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, there is now a conflict of interest on the team with the fate of the No. 8 jersey hanging in the balance.

As is often the case in professional sports, a newly arrived player on a team, usually a much more widely heralded one, will be faced with the task of figuring out a way to obtain his jersey number of preference from a guy on the team who already wears it. Financial arrangements typically are the name of the game, with money changing hands and everyone walking away content with the outcome. But it looks like it will take a lot more than that in this instance.

Mariota obviously wore the No. 8 during his wildly successful run as quarterback with the Oregon Ducks, and it’s a reasonable presumption that he hopes to continue wearing that number, what with athletes being such a superstitious bunch obsessed with never deviating from their routines and habits.

Standing between Mariota and his presumed coveted jersey number is Titans kicker Ryan Succop, the incumbent keeper of the desired number.

Succop didn’t waste any time issuing what appears will be a formidable challenge for Mariota if the rookie quarterback hopes to procure the No. 8: Beat Succop in arm-wrestling and the jersey is his for keeps.

But Succop isn’t some namby-pamby, weak-armed placekicker who spends all his time working on building up his leg strength. Nope. This kicker appears to be a workout warrior, as evidenced by the video in which he issues the challenge to Mariota.

Alright Mariota #8 is all yours…free of charge… IF you can beat me in arm wrestling competition,” the kicker writes on Instagram.

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Goodness gracious. Talk about getting tickets to the gun show. That’s a pretty ripped kicker right there. Good luck with all that, Mr. Mariota.

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