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Portly Royals fan runs onto field, surrenders quickly without a fuss (video)


A Kansas City Royals fan, as likely inebriated fans are wont to do from time to time, ran out onto the field during a recent game at Kauffman Stadium.

The fan, something of a portly fellow, recognizing he would be spending some time in the clink for his trespassing transgressions, wisely emptied his pockets of any items of value — and then his shirt — before hoping over the railing and trotting about the outfield.

Perhaps most surprising is how little of a fight this young man put up once stadium security approached him. He pretty much put his hands up and said, “You got me.”

As far as videos of possibly inebriated miscreants running out onto to the field during baseball games go, this one lacks the unbridled enthusiasm and unhinged frivolity of many others, which makes it somewhat of a disappointment. And of course, what is also lacking in this fellow’s field-storming is any attempt at eluding security or any semblance of putting up any kind of fight once he’s cornered. Videos like these should be primed for a Benny Hill/”Yakety Sax” soundtrack. But it was not to be.

Most would argue that any degenerate buffoon who engages in this kind of skullduggery deserves some sort of punishment. Most folks, though, would stop short of taking the stance of Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones, who said last season, “I wish the cops Tase the living s–t out of them,” when talking about on-field intruders. That might more than a tad harsh.

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