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Russell Wilson upgrades U.S. soldier’s seat to first-class on flight

Russell Wilson spotted a U.S. solider on a Wednesday Alaska Airlines flight from an unknown destination to Seattle and after noticing him making his way to his seat in coach, upgraded the military man to first-class.

The Seattle Seawhawks quarterback, who also has a business relationship with Alaska Airlines as its “Chief Football Officer,” struck up a conversation with Kane Bernas and the two later engaged in a back-and-forth on social media.

“Russell Wilson was on my flight back to seattle and he brought me up to first class. Mad respect!” Bernas tweeted, adding the hashtag, “#clutch.”

Wilson replied to Bernas’ tweet, writing, “Anytime Kane… Thanks for serving our great country by serving with the Army! #GoUSA,” before referencing Alaska Airlines’ official Twitter handle.

Speaking of Wilson’s relationship with the airline outfit, he also posted a photograph of himself posing alongside some members of the flight crew.

“Don’t ever undervalue the importance of consistency,” Wilson wrote. Indeed.

Wilson has been all over the place in the news cycle of late, primarily from his reported relationship with Ciara — who he took as his date to a White House State Dinner — as well as him showing up at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with his grandmother on his arm.

Wilson is widely regarded as one of the more personable players in the NFL and if he keeps up acts of generosity and kindness like what he did for the soldier, expect the mythology surrounding his nice guy persona to continue to grow.