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Maria Sharapova smolders on cover of ‘Esquire’ in … Bulgaria? (photos)


Maria Sharapova obviously is a worldwide superstar and global tennis icon, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that she lands on magazine covers in countries far and wide. But it certainly is strange at first blush that Sharapova, who is preparing to defend her championship on the clay courts of Roland Garros at the French Open, ended up on the cover of the Bulgarian version of Esquire.

The statuesque 28-year-old Russian beauty shared some additional photographs from her Bulgarian Esquire photo shoot on Instagram.


Sharapova is no stranger to steamy photo shoots and her love of fashion is well-known, so it’s never surprising when she ends up on the pages of some magazine or another. But Esquire … in Bulgaria?

As noted by the For the Win, perhaps Sharapova is even more famous in Bulgaria due to her longtime romance with Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. That makes sense. When in Sofia, I guess…