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Did Chip Kelly sadly decline wedding invite with personalized RSVP? (photo)


In what is becoming an annual tradition for him around about draft time, Philadelphia Eagles head coach/mad scientist Chip Kelly apparently took the time to send a personalized RSVP back to some fans to articulate his regrets over not being able to attend their wedding.

Eagles fans Heather and Jerry — “The Future Mr. & Mrs. Azarewicz” — didn’t expect a response to the wedding invitation the couple sent to Kelly. But sure enough, if things do in fact check out, Kelly sent his RSVP back on which he marked “Sadly Decline” along with the handwritten message, “Congrats, sorry I can’t be there!” along with his signature, “Chip.”

Kelly also edits the song request portion of the RSVP by inserting “everyone” into “I Promise To Dance If You Play.”

The song? “Fly Eagles Fly,” the team’s fight song, of course.


But the question is: Did Kelly actually fill out the RSVP himself?

The esteemed Philly-centric blog Crossing Broad did a little research on the signature and came across this Kelly-autographed football from a Ron Jaworski charity auction:


It certainly looks legit. The “Chip” on both the football and wedding stationery are pretty spot-on. The “Fly Eagles Fly” on both items look pretty similar as well.

If that’s the case, Kelly for the second year in a row has sent back an RSVP to Eagles fans right around the time of the NFL Draft. He obviously is far too busy at this time of year to attend a wedding between two perfect strangers, but deserves kudos for the taking the time.

The story about a famous sports personality responding to a wedding invite from a fan of course is nothing new, as the likes of Peyton Manning, Nick Saban and Robert Griffin III being among those superstars who have done the same.