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Camille Kostek says beau Rob Gronkowski is ‘genuine’ and ‘super intelligent’


While Rob Gronkowski hasn’t officially acknowledged the reported romantic relationship himself, Camille Kostek confirmed on Wednesday to the Boston Globe that she and the New England Patriots tight end are at the very least spending considerable time together.

“Rob and I have been seeing each other,” Kostek, a former Patriots cheerleader admitted. “We’re both super busy right now. Obviously he does a lot and I do a lot.”

She has since then revealed a little bit more about the man behind the party-hearty personality, revealing to the New York Post qualities of her seemingly new beau one might not attribute to a man who goes by the moniker of “Gronk” and frequently engages in behavior befitting an eternal frat boy.

Kostek referred to Gronkowski as “genuine” and explained how the two crossed paths.

“We did a couple of charitable appearances together,” Kostek said. “[He’s] super intelligent, a great speaker. You can’t miss him in a room.”

Gronkowski obviously has cultivated a persona as something of a wild man, but how people are behind closed doors often can be quite different than how they represent themselves in public. Gronk clearly enjoys having a good time when he’s out and about, but that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of being a thoughtful, considerate and charming person to a woman he admires.

But let’s just hope Gronk doesn’t stop being Gronk as a result of this apparent new romance. The world needs Gronk and some kind of Yoko Ono-like influence on the good-time-having cad would be something of a disappointment for those who enjoy his antics.

Kostek’s admission about some kind of something going on between herself and Gronkowski coincides with the announcement that she’s a new spokesmodel for BENRUS, so that means she knows just as much about self-promotion as her new beau. They’re like a match made in heaven, it could be said.