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Cam Newton offers Jameis Winston words of wisdom on eve of NFL career


It was only four years ago that Cam Newton was in the shoes of Jameis Winston: A highly touted, highly successful college quarterback with a championship pedigree and a Heisman Trophy — not to mention shrouded in some controversy — that was all but a lock to be drafted first overall in the NFL Draft.

So it’s safe to say that the Carolina Panthers quarterback has a good sense of what Winston is feeling and experiencing as his NFL career is about to become a reality. And he recently dispensed some sage advice for the soon-to-be neophyte NFL quarterback.

Newton sat down for an interview for “In Depth with Graham Bensinger,” and among other things, discussed the difficulty Winston faces as enters the much tougher world of the NFL.

Saying when he was drafted he was “so young and like a raging lion coming into like a meat house,” Newton warns Winston that things will be much more difficult in the NFL, especially given being a top draft pick means a player isn’t going to a very good team.

“Understand that it’s a celebration when you get drafted No. 1 overall, but the realization is – and I say this to be real – you’re getting drafted to the league’s worst team,” Newton said, as transcribed by Shutdown Corner. “So it’s a process that goes with that.” 

Newton added that as an anointed franchise quarterback, which Winston will be given where he’ll be drafted, he is expected to step right in and be a team leader on a losing team.

Ultimately, Newton sees Winston, despite the hype, pressure and controversy — something he also endured — as having the makeup to be a successful NFL quarterback … like himself.

“First, he’s a very bright young man. I don’t think that gets portrayed enough … For him coming into this league, one thing that he’s gonna always have to remind himself is … What’s my carrot?” Newton told Bensinger. “And with talking to him, he said some of the same things that I heard in myself: ‘I’m trying to be the best. I want to win Super Bowls …'”

And now, once Thursday night is said and done, the real work begins in earnest for Winston.

(image credit: Zimbio)