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Tampa restaurant offers Jameis Winston free crab legs if he’s drafted by Bucs


Even though he has no choice in the matter nor any control regarding which team selects him in the 2015 NFL Draft, Jameis Winston will be in crab legs heaven should the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take him with the first overall pick.

Skipper’s Smokehouse, a Tampa eatery, has said Winston will never have to worry about paying for crab legs again as it intends to “hook him up” with the seafood item, per a TMZ report, if he ends up in town and with the Bucs after the draft this week.

The restaurant apparently is owned by a Florida State alum, meaning the offer of free crab legs make that much more sense.

Winston of course was cited for shoplifting during his Seminoles playing days after allegedly pilfering crab legs from a Publix. The quarterback apologized for his indiscretion in the wake of the incident and briefly was suspended by the FSU baseball team.

Recently, though, Winston has been singing a different tune about the incident, saying a Publix employee that arranged for FSU athletes to receive free food offered to hook him up with the crab legs gratis. So, Winston claims now he was simply taking up the person on the offer and not actually stealing the crab legs.

A Publix rep countered Winston’s claims by saying the company “never came across any evidence that suggests there was an arrangement that Mr. Winston or any other FSU athlete had with an employee.”

In any event, the entire shoplifting boondoggle spawned a flurry of Internet memes and public mocking of Winston over the incident. It looks like the aforementioned Tampa restaurant is looking to capitalize on Winston’s ignominious, supposed seafood-stealing kerfuffle.