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Honus Wagner card sells at auction for a ‘bargain’ $1.32 million

Honus Wagner Card2

An extremely rare Honus Wagner card from 1909 sold at auction last weekend for a whopping $1.32 million. What is perhaps most surprising, as noted in a Los Angeles Times report, is that experts are deeming the purchase something of a bargain, especially in light of what other Wagner cards have sold for in the past.

Fewer than 200 of the Wagner cards, part of the T206 line issued from 1909-1911 by the American Tobacco Co., apparently were made. Making the sale price even more perplexing is that the Wagner card sold over the weekend apparently was in great condition for a card over 100 years old, clearly differentiating it in quality terms from the Wagner card some nuns sold in 2010 for $262,000.

“This is a phenomenal-looking card in all respects that elicits a positive and awed response from everyone who sees it,” Robert Edwards Auctions wrote in the card’s listing. “The colors are noticeably brighter, fresher, and bolder than virtually every other T206 Wagner in existence. The image is perfect, and it shows just enough honest wear to give it character but not serve as a distraction in any way.”

To put the “lowball” purchase price in perspective, the Times report notes that Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendricks is believed to have paid $2.8 million for a Wagner card. So, yes, this particular card, referred as “Oceanside Wagner” (Wagner cards generally have some moniker attached to it to distinguish it from others), was a real steal … at over one million dollars. Crazy stuff.