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Eagles VP Ed Marynowitz says he’s not simply Chip Kelly’s ‘yes man’


The belief in NFL circles is that Chip Kelly is in complete control of the Philadelphia Eagles with owner Jeffrey Lurie allowing him to oversee the football operations at his sole discretion. But Eagles vice president of football operations Ed Marynowitz begs to differ, and made it clear he’s simply not some stuffed suit with a title and no real power in the organization.

“I know that’s a comment that everybody throws out, is this guy just a ‘yes man?’ Do you agree?” Marynowitz said Thursday, per Around the NFL writer Conor Orr, via “I’m never one to agree just to agree. To support the head coach, I don’t believe that’s just to tell him he’s right in everything that he says. You’re not going to disagree just to disagree either. But I’ve never been afraid to voice my opinion.”

Marynowitz assumed his VP role in January at the age of 30 with limited front office experience. He joined the Eagles in 2012 as the team’s assistant director of pro scouting and was promoted in 2013 to the position assistant director of player personnel.

Kelly was firmly entrenched with the team, so he presumably played a big role in the decision-making process in finding the replacement for former general manager Howie Roseman It’s reasonable to assume that Marynowitz was more or less hand-picked at the head coach’s discretion, or at least with a lot of input from Kelly.

Marynowitz insists that thus far, the power structure as it stands is working well and there haven’t been any real disagreements.

It makes sense that Marynowitz wanted to stress that the inmate isn’t running the asylum, as the saying goes, and that he plays a significant role in running the organization. And yet, a team that doesn’t rely heavily on its coach’s input is doomed to face issues related to organizational dysfunction and hierarchical disconnect.

Still, despite Marynowitz’s protestations, everyone knows that Chip Kelly, ever the tinkering mad scientist — as evidenced by his flurry of moves this offseason, some of which were downright perplexing — is running his own Dr. Frankenstein-esque football laboratory.

(image credit: Philly Mag)