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Artist creates incredible portrait of Tom Brady out of 20,724 crayons (photo)


An artist with the assistance of some elementary school students in Andover, Mass., has created an absolutely stunning portrait of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady utilizing crayons as a medium.

And no, that does not mean the crayons were used to draw and color the portrait. Nope. The portrait is comprised entirely of actual crayons. 20,724 crayons to be exact.

The artist behind the remarkable piece is Rob Surette, 43, owner of the company Amazing Hero Art. The creation of the portrait involved a lot of work and the contributions of 679 students at Andover’s West Elementary School.

Surette visited the school for three days in March and he had the students place approximately one-third of the crayons used in the project tip-up in a black box, apparently unaware of the ultimate endgame of the out-of-this-world art project.

Surette placed the rest of the crayons in the box himself and unveiled the Brady portrait at a school assembly in April.


The completed piece weighs approximately 400 pounds and stands 3 feet, 4 inches wide and 4 feet high and prompted the Patriots to mention the portrait on social media.

Brady obviously has received numerous tributes to celebrate his many accomplishments and accolades that honor his Hall of Fame-caliber career. But this portrait is pretty fantastic.

Perhaps there are other folks beyond Surette — and this bizarre Brady-inspired painting just has to be mentioned (as does this guy who had Brady’s helmet tattooed into his skull) — that have created artistic odes to the Patriots quarterback. But as it stands right now, Surette’s crayon-as-medium portrait of Brady is simply the best known one. It will be difficult to top it.

(photo credit: Patriots/Instagram)