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Philadelphia’s pretzel purveyors at odds over Tim Tebow joining Eagles (pics)


As often is the case in situations such as these, if you want to take the pulse of a region when it comes to a debatable issue, one needs only to take a look at how the local pretzel-makers are shaping their goods to articulate their feelings likely will provide an accurate assessment.

And in the case of the Philadelphia Eagles bringing in Tim Tebow courtesy of Chip Kelly’s mad scientist ways, Philly residents apparently aren’t quite sure how to feel about it.

First in the great pretzel debate came the Philly Pretzel Factory’s Tebowing pretzel.

Perhaps in reaction to how the above salty piece of dough-based goodness seemed to welcome Tebow to town with open arms — or not — another unidentified pretzel purveyor has responded in kind, albeit with a less favorable view regarding the quarterback’s arrival.

Huh. Quite the conundrum, indeed.

In other words, given the pretzel theme, it’s safe to say that when it comes to Tebow joining the Eagles, the team’s fans are tied up in “knots” over it.

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