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Paul Pierce’s anti-Raptors rhetoric continues with Canadian customs rip


The Washington Wizards wrapped up a triumphant trip to the “Great White North” and will return back to D.C. with two huge road wins in its opening playoff series against the Toronto Raptors. While it may be a tall order indeed, if the Wiz can take care of business on its home court at Verizon Center over the next two games, the team can wrap up the first round series with a sweep on Sunday without paying a return visit to Toronto.

And that would be just fine with Paul Pierce.

The wily veteran was heard making a comment as the Wizards headed back to the locker room following Tuesday’s 117-106 victory that stated all too clearly his preference at avoiding going through the rigamarole of visiting another country, even one as near and friendly as Canada.

“I don’t want to go through customs no more!” Pierce shouted, via The Washington Post.

Fair enough. Customs can be a colossal pain for any traveler, after all.

Pierce of course has a history with anti-Raptors rhetoric. He made what was perceived as some unflattering comments about the Raptors ahead of the playoffs, even before it was known that Toronto would be Washington’s first round playoff opponent. He said the Wizards weren’t afraid of facing the Raptors because he felt that particular potential opponent lacked the “it” quality that would make them a formidable postseason foe.He also had a run-in with Toronto-based rapper Drake — the Raptors’ unofficial Number One Fan — during a road game earlier this season, so there’s that as well.

Given the way Pierce has developed into more and more an outspoken, unfiltered and sometimes controversial rabble-rouser as he has progressed through his fantastic NBA career, it’s almost like he has aged, both on and off the court, like a fine wine. Although it’s likely that Raptors fans view him less like that and more like a bottle of vino that has been poorly maintained and simply turned into a bunch of bitter vinegar.