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Winning a ride on Gronk’s party bus takes commitment … to Taylor Swift? (vid)


New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski posted a video on Tuesday about a contest he is holding that awards a fan the opportunity to experience the unhinged mayhem and good time-having, fun-filled frivolity that routinely occurs in his much-ballyhooed party bus.

All that is required to get the chance to enter the World of Gronk is a $10 entry fee. All proceeds from the contest will benefit his charity, “The Gronk Nation Youth Foundation & Kids 2 Camp.”

Gronkowski is of course in full Gronk mode in the video that touts the details of a contest where he’ll be “picking up one lucky fan and their friends to get crazy with us on this party bus.”

Various scenes of hard-partying insanity are shown in the video as Gronkowski spells out what is expected of contest entrants.

“So you want to party rock like a Gronk? Here’s what it takes,” Gronkowski explains.

“It takes focus,” he says as his Beer Pong talents are showcased.

“It takes fitness,” Gronkowski continues, as footage is then shown of him bench-pressing a young lady.

“It takes teamwork,” he says, with video of goodness knows what occurring.

“It takes a will to in,” Gronk adds, which of course apparently involves a rousing bout of Sumo Suit Wrestling.

Finally, Gronkowsi explains the last, perhaps most important thing that will be required of any potential contest winner … and it’s a real doozy.

“It takes commitment,” he stresses, before adding, “… to Taylor Swift.”

Wait … what?

Footage is then shown of a raucous dance party where the soundtrack is of course Swift’s “Shake It Off” as Gronkowski struts his stuff while rocking a red, feather boa.

So, yeah, exactly what one would expect from a Rob Gronkowski Party Bus contest.

And then the tight end gets a bit serious, saying, “But most of all, you gotta have heart. So that’s why every entry is helping Gronk Nation Youth Foundation and Kids 2 Camp.”

Forget the “Summer of Gronk” circa 2012 (or 2013 … or 2014), the upcoming sun-splashed offseason for Rob Gronkowski certainly will be a celebrated summer. And one lucky fan will be along for at least part of the ride.

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