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Man arrested after Michael Jordan-LeBron James debate turns physical


A Pennsylvania man was arrested over the weekend after an argument about whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the better basketball player turned physical.

Daniel Mondelice, 22, was taken into custody by State College (Pa.) police early Saturday morning after authorities were called to an apartment regarding an alleged fight, according to a Centre Daily Times report. Mondelice was later charged in District Court with felony aggravated assault, a misdemeanor charge of making terroristic threats as well as simple assault.

The report does not indicate which player had Mondelice’s ultimately punchy support.

After being released from custody, Mondelice was later arrested again at the same apartment, although this incident didn’t appear to involve the age-old debate regarding the basketball superiority of either His Airness or King James.

Obviously this isn’t the first time an argument evolved over whether one player is better than another player, but for any fierce debate to escalate into violence obviously is quite ludicrous.

After all, everyone knows that Jordan is the superior basketball player, right? Or is it LeBron? Feel free to debate the issue with your friends and family. No punching, please.

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