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LeBron James on Pat Riley’s supposed rip: ‘It’s not my concern right now’


Whether he was actually aware of it or not, LeBron James on Tuesday insisted that he had no idea that Pat Riley may have taken a subtle shot at him, instead insisting he has much bigger things to worry about right now.

When discussing the upcoming draft, the Miami Heat president appeared to make a veiled jab at James’ expense.

“No more smiling faces with hidden agendas, so we’ll be going in clean,” Riley quipped.

The prevailing theory of course is that Riley was talking about James, presumably stating it is his opinion that the superstar may have not been totally upfront with the Heat organization regarding his plans. Further, it has been suggested that Riley’s comments are related to the Heat’s decision to draft Shabazz Napier last summer, for whom James had expressed admiration.

When asked about the comment, Riley wouldn’t reveal much more, saying, “That could be anyone across the board.”

Riley made the comments during his state-of-the-team address on Monday, and whether the presumed barb was directed at James or not, the Cavaliers superstar elected to avoid the issue altogether as the team prepared for its Game 2 showdown with the Boston Celtics.

“Whatever he said, for me, that’s not really my concern right now,” James said Tuesday morning at the Cavaliers’ shootaround, per Northeast Ohio Media Group’s Joe Vardon “My concern is Game 2, but I have no notion of what transpired yesterday.”

Riley has been mostly diplomatic in his public comments regarding James’ departure, although he did make some cryptic comments last July about it afterward. He also appeared to still be smarting over James’ spurning of the Heat during a March interview.

James also indicated on Monday that he has a strict policy during the postseason where he goes on total communication/social media shutdown, saying, “There’s too much nonsense out there.” It’s conceivable, then, he may not have really have heard about Riley had to say.

James reportedly was informed of Riley’s latest comments by a Miami-based reporter after denying he had heard them. No additional thoughts apparently were then expressed by James.

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