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‘Miracle on Ice’ doctor George Nagobads, 93, mugged at wife’s gravesite


George Nagobads, known for his role as the team physician for the gold medal-winning “Miracle on Ice” U.S. men’s hockey team at the 1980 Winter Olympics, was mugged at a Minneapolis cemetery over the weekend.

Nagobads, 93, was mugged at Crystal Lake Cemetery while visiting his late wife’s grave on Sunday afternoon, according to a report from KMSP-TV.

The esteemed physician told KMSP that he heard a man coming up behind him while changing flowers at the grave site. He was then smashed on the head and was left bleeding while the assailant made off with his wallet.

A witness, who asked not to be identified, provided the following account of the incident.

“It just looked like he was horrified and he was bleeding,” the witness said. “The gentleman said to me that [he] was bleeding. ‘I gave him my wallet but he still tried to kill me.'”

Nagobads was able to return to his car despite his head wound and left the cemetery. The alleged attacker, who allegedly was spotted near the cemetery’s mausoleum rifling through a wallet and later managed to elude arrest by throwing his bike over a wall and fleeing. The attack was not caught on the cemetery’s security system.

Nagobads was elected to the US Hockey Hall of Fame in 2010 as an individual and in 2003 with the entire 1980 men’s team in 2003. He served as the team doctor for the Minnesota Gophers men’s hockey squad from 1958 until his retirement in 1992. Serving in that capacity and the friendship forged with Herb Brooks, the team’s coach who led the U.S. men’s team to gold in Lake Placid, got him the job with the Olympic team. He also worked for the Minnesota North Stars in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Suffice to say, it takes a deplorable kind of reprehensible awfulness to prompt a person to assault an elderly man at a grave site. What a world.

(photo credit: Zimbio)