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Bill Polian blasts Adrian Peterson’s agent during trade scenario discussion


Adrian Peterson’s NFL status remains in limbo, even upon the arrival of April 15, an extremely relevant date as set forth in his suspension, as it is the first day the Minnesota Vikings running back can be reinstated by the league. The prevailing belief is that Peterson will be reinstated by the league sooner rather the later, although the NFL is under no obligation to immediately do so.

After months of speculation regarding Peterson’s future, discussions and even further speculation will begin in earnest regarding whether or not he and the only NFL team he has played for in his career can come to a meeting of the minds whereby he can continue his tenure with the Vikings … whenever he is in fact reinstated.

Given the acrimonious sentiments expressed by Ben Dobra, Peterson’s agent, in regard to the Vikings organization and how it would be best for Peterson to move on, odds appear slim that the running back will return to the team. The Vikings, however, have universally stated that it wants Peterson back. Further, the Vikings have also stressed that Peterson is under contract for three more years, there is no plan to trade him and they expect him to honor that deal.

Much of the talk surrounding Peterson involves which teams may be a good fit for him should the Vikings decide to part ways with the organization’s all-time leading rusher. ESPN NFL analyst Bill Polian said during a recent conference call that the Vikings hold all the cards regarding Peterson’s future. Further, Polian blasted Peterson’s agent, Ben Dobra, for his conduct throughout this ordeal.

“I’ve had a lot to say on this subject on [ESPN’s NFL] Insiders,” he said, via the Star Tribune. “Let’s take away the hypotheticals for a moment and say the following: Despite anything his agent may say to the contrary or his, quote, people, whoever they may be or say to the contrary, the following are the facts. He has a valid contract, a multi-year contract with the Minnesota Vikings. And if the Minnesota Vikings decide that they want him to play football for them, he will play football for them or play football for no one.”

In essence, Polian suggested that Peterson can attempt to force a trade all he wants — he previously stated he is “anxious to start a new chapter” — but if the Vikings are unwilling to entertain offers below what they believe to be the running back’s market value — his age, contract terms and potential public relations hit all are working against him — Peterson’s ability to dictate his future may be severely limited.

Peterson, meanwhile, refused to speculate on what comes next, saying, “I haven’t even been reinstated yet.” No matter how this plays out, Peterson simply being reinstated arguably may not expedite matters one bit.