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Caroline Wozniacki forced to defend congratulatory tweet to Jordan Spieth


Perhaps she should have seen it coming, but it nevertheless is plain silly and completely absurd that Caroline Wozniacki had to defend a tweet in which she congratulated Jordan Spieth for he he ran roughshod over the field to win his first Masters.

Twitter trolls, as they are wont to do, of course blew things out of proportion by taking the 24-year-old tennis superstar’s kind words to Spieth as some kind of subtle slight at former fiancé Rory McIlroy, who finished in fourth place at the major.

Several responses to Wozniacki’s congratulatory tweet were loaded with derision and ridiculous opinions regarding her motivation in sending a social media shout-out to the 21-year-old budding superstar, with variations on the suggestion that she “move on” from the couple’s bitter breakup being the predominant theme.

Wozniacki responded in kind, defending her tweet while intimating the trolls criticizing it are the ones stuck in the past.

Well played.

It’s worth pointing out that Wozniacki has on occasion made some seemingly unflattering comments about her ex, although she did so in the most subtle of ways, as was the case when she appeared to take a shot at her former beau’s height. McIlroy appeared to have some fun at her expense a time or two as well.

Then again, Wozniacki arguably can’t be blamed for harboring some residual bitterness — even to this day — over their sudden and surprising breakup. After all, it’s believed that McIlroy unceremoniously dumped her during a three-minute phone call, only a short time after the couple sent out wedding invitations.

The golfer later said he ended their relationship to save his career. In many ways, it certainly appears that McIlroy’s career experienced a significant upswing almost immediately after the breakup, although it can never be known whether cutting ties with Wozniacki was the only catalyst to his career resurgence. Odds are it wasn’t.

Still, it’s obvious Wozniacki has moved on since then … so should the Twitter trolls.