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Johnny Manziel lifts spirits of patients during hospital visit (photos)

Johnny Manziel

While Johnny Manziel is expected to be discharged soon, the Cleveland Browns quarterback currently remains in treatment, where he has been since Jan. 28. He apparently is allowed on occasion to take trips away from the unnamed facility, as he did on a golfing trip with family over Easter weekend.

Manziel also took some time away from treatment this week to visit some patients currently admitted at Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

One patient Manziel spent time with during his visit to the hospital was Kiki Crist, a 17-year-old fan of his.

Crist later took to Twitter to share a photo of herself and Manziel.


Crist, a Cincinnati Bengals fan, told Sporting News’ Jordan Heck that Manziel’s visit was “completely a surprise.” She added the two had “a great conversation” and the quarterback spent about 25 minutes chatting with her. She also characterized her first impression of Manziel as follows.

“Love at first sight,” she said. “My heart stopped. But it was a great feeling having him visit.”

She was so delighted by the unexpected visit that she again to Twitter to ask Manziel to prom.

Another photo surfaced on social media of Manziel brightening the spirits of a couple of other patients.

Manziel, regardless of whether it is deserved, has developed a bad reputation as a consequence of his questionable off-the-field behavior. Whether it’s an accurate depiction or not, many view him as a brash, immature, entitled, hard-partying brat incapable of realizing just how fortunate he has been in life. In essence, most people might have already made up their minds about Manziel.

The young quarterback’s NFL career is in flux and his future with the Browns appears to be on shaky ground. Rumors that many in the organization already have given up with him. Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas saying he has lost the trust of his teammates.

Perhaps his decision to seek treatment without any apparent influence or prodding from others indicates he’s ready to take his life and career more seriously. And in the process, perhaps he will be able to change the opinions of those who believe they have Manziel pegged. Things like his impromptu hospital visit arguably can help alter perceptions as well.

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