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Bubba Watson serves same Masters Champions Dinner menu as in 2013 (pic)


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it apparently is Bubba Watson’s credo when it comes to planning a menu for some pretty esteemed company, as the 2014 Masters champion served the exact same meal as he did in 2013 following his triumph at Augusta National Golf Club the previous year.

Watson opted to again go simple with his menu for the annual event that is held on the Tuesday ahead of the Masters, where a virtual who’s who of golfing royalty bellies up to the dinner table to break bread at a meal chosen by the previous year’s tournament winner.

Right down to the basic dessert — confetti cake with vanilla ice cream — the menu was a gastronomically carbon copy of what Watson served following his first win, so of course it had a distinctly Bubba-esque quality to it, a down-home feast befitting a good ol’ Florida boy.

It’s hard to say whether the menu choice will change the purported negative perspective of Watson by his colleagues or not.

Watson tweeted out a menu of the meal signed by all those in attendance.

Starting off with a Caesar salad served with corn muffins, guests were then served a grilled chicken breast as the entree with green beans, corn, mashed potatoes and, of course, macaroni and cheese as sides.

Back in March while discussing his potential Champions Dinner meal plans said he leans toward simple eating — “I eat plain,” he said — so in essence it’s no surprise that he elected to serve the same meal as in 2013, despite fellow Masters champion Nick Faldo immediately giving Watson grief on Twitter following his last hosted meal at Augusta.

Watson previously noted that during the week when he won both his green jackets he ate the same meal every night: One or two burritos stuffed with chicken, rice, black beans and cheese.

“So maybe this year I should do all burritos again,” he said.

With that in mind, perhaps the green-jacketed guests on Tuesday night should feel fortunate that Watson elected to class it up a bit when compared to his standard Masters dining fare. Furthermore, Watson could have had the affair catered by Waffle House — his post-Masters win celebratory meal last year — if only the powers-that-be at Augusta would have allowed it.

“You can’t use a name brand,” Watson lamented, noting that the club has strict rules against endorsing commercial products.

Probably for the best, really.