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Rare Kris Bryant baseball card selling on eBay for … $90,000? (photo)


Kris Bryant didn’t even crack the Chicago Cubs opening day roster this season — albeit with much controversy — in the big leagues, but an incredibly rare baseball card bearing his likeness has been placed for sale on eBay for a stupefying $90,000.

The story goes that an anonymous collector pulled the autographed Kris Bryant Bowman Chrome Superfractor card after getting into about 50 cases of Bowman Chrome. The card was delivered to Beckett for review by one of the owners of Neuhart Cards in Delaware, Ohio.

And now the card has been listed on eBay for $89,999. The reason for its obscene value is that it is serial numbered 1/1 and features a “one-of-a-kind gold surface design,” per a FOX Sports report. Not only that, FOX Sports’ Ryan Fowler notes that  Topps-Bowman’s Chrome autographs are generally viewed as a player’s “true rookie card.”

Additional details to how the the collector happened upon the coveted card.

Because he was buying 2014 Bowman Chrome since first release, a case of hobby boxes (12 count) would run him anywhere from $600 per case at first to up over $1,000 presently, but that’s not counting Bowman Chrome Jumbo cases (more cards in each pack), which currently run upwards of $1,400 per case.  The Bryant was pulled out of a case of jumbos.

Still, 90 thousand bucks? That’s kooky talk.

“I believe it won’t sell for that, based on the current numbers that are out there, but it will exceed the Puig {RC superfractor},” Neuhart Cards’ Brian Rideout said. “We’ve received several $5-to-$10,000 offers that were automatically declined.  I will say that he’s seriously entertaining three offers between $35-to-$45,000.  He would prefer to get it to a private collector.”

All the while pocketing upwards of $90,000. Wow.