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Portable toilets arrive at Wrigley Field to alleviate public urination disaster (pic)


Some minor inconveniences were expected after the Chicago Cubs announced that renovations to Wrigley Field were behind schedule and that the first phase of the historic ballpark overhaul wouldn’t be completed in time for Opening Day, not by a long shot.

But few could have envisioned a disastrous scenario where the stadium was so ill-prepared for thousands and thousands of fans descending upon it for Sunday’s season-opening game against the St. Louis Cardinals that many of them resorted to urinating in cups to avoid waiting in restroom lines that reportedly took as much as 45 minutes to navigate.

It was announced on Tuesday morning via the Wrigley Renovations’ Twitter account that portable toilets are being brought in to help alleviate an unsanitary environment where fans feel compelled to relieve themselves in things other than toilets.

The Wrigley Renovations Twitter account even provided a tongue-in-cheek comment in a later tweet in which the observation, “Hey, it’s an improvement!” is offered up.

While the port-a-pottys are a temporary fix to a potentially long-term issue as Wrigley’s renovations continue, the Cubs at least deserve credit for trying to get ahead of horribly embarrassing situation, although work on improving restroom accommodations should be given top priority.

Everyone involved with the team and the ballpark acknowledged certain stumbling blocks and inconveniences were inevitable given the massive transformation Wrigley is undergoing — Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel even said likened the current conditions at Wrigley to Baghdad —  but the sight of fans urinating in every corner of the stadium certainly isn’t a good look.

Although given the fact that Wrigleyville has been plagued by massive rat problems during Wrigley’s renovation, perhaps huge outbreaks of public urination could be considered a minor step up. Or not.

The show must go on, however, as the Cubs again will host the Cardinals on Tuesday night. The portable toilets obviously will help.

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