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Hostess horribly flubs tweet about MLB Opening Day (pic)


After the Chicago Cubs-St. Louis Cardinals tilt on Sunday served as an appetizer of sorts, the Major League Baseball season begins in earnest Monday with a full slate of games.

Hostess, makers of some of the tastiest treats in sweets history, obviously knows its way around the snack food aisle, but whoever was in charge of the company’s Twitter account made an incredibly hilarious and horribly egregious gaffe when issuing a celebratory tweet about the return of regular season baseball after a long and hard winter.

Oof. Talk about totally whiffing on a wide-open wide receiver.

Seriously, that’s the baseball equivalent of a two-base throwing error. Or, from Hostess’ perspective on the game of baseball, we could alternatively deem this unfortunate goof as akin to a shanked extra point. Or whatever.