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Floyd Mayweather has $25K mouthguard lined with real $100 bill (photo)


Floyd Mayweather has a well-earned reputation for sparing no expense when it comes to trying to live up to his “Money” nickname, and of course he isn’t afraid to show off just how much cash he routinely has at his disposal.

The kind of over-the-top, big cash indulgences for which the boxer has become famous apparently includes dropping an absurd amount of money on something as seemingly trivial as his mouthguard.

TMZ reports the boxer recently enlisted the services of dentist Dr. Lee Gause and Iceberg Guards who designed obviously the most ostentatious mouthguard ever created, considering it came with a price tag of a jaw-dropping $25,000.

Gause will often travel to Las Vegas to custom design Mayweather’s mouthpieces, went all out when creating the mouthpiece Mayweather will rock for the highly anticipated May 2 bout with Manny Pacquiao. While Mayweather has used custom-designed mouthguards in the past that have featured outrageous add-ons such as gold flakes and diamonds, the new one is lined with real $100 bill.

But it’s not all about show, either. Mayweather has said the custom mouthguards designed by Gause help him breathe better during bouts. The $100 bills, though, are of course business as usual for the boxer. After all, this comes from a guy who is paying a personal chef a cool grand per meal to prepare his food leading up to his fight with Pacquiao.