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Tom Izzo on social media: Not one person on the planet benefits from it

Tom Izzo has made it abundantly clear on several occasions that he is no fan of social media. And during Friday’s Final Four press conference, the Michigan State Spartans head basketball coach upped his anti-Twitter crusade by arguing not only is social media useless to him, it has virtually no tangible benefits whatsoever for humanity as a whole.

“I don’t think social media is beneficial to any person on the planet,” Izzo argued, via The Dagger.

Izzo, after indicating his distaste for social media doesn’t necessarily stem from the headaches it can cause him as a coach of young men, stated his case by making the argument that people would not tolerate the kind of vitriol spewed at players if it were directed at one of their kids.

“I never worry about what my players tweet, never,” Izzo said. “I can control some of that. But I challenge every human being in this room, if they start talking about your son, your daughter on the social media like they do players, there will be some fist fighting going on.”

Izzo nevertheless acknowledged that despite his protestations, social media is here to stay and admitted that it may be even necessary in a certain capacity, specifically how it is such a valuable tool for members of the media. But he then stressed that if a  member of the media is unable to stand up and defend their words without cowering behind a keyboard, good riddance.

“Those of you that have to do it for a profession, God love you, I appreciate it, I respect it,” he said. “[But] If you can’t go eye-to-eye with somebody, tell them what your problems are, then you don’t belong talking to me or my players. So sorry, I’m not a fan.”

As noted, this isn’t the first time Izzo has railed against Twitter and the like. He made some pretty fiery comments about this time last year when expressing his distaste for social media.

“If this was HBO,” Izzo said. “I would get more in depth about how much I despise it because I still, and I’m going to say this, I think it hurts kids.”

(photo credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports)