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Fan in Orioles jersey eats dirt trying to corral foul ball at Mets-Cards game (vid)


A fan regaled in a Baltimore Orioles jersey taking in the New York Mets-St. Louis Cardinals game — of all things — on Thursday utterly and spectacularly failed while attempting to snag a foul ball.

It’s unclear why this fellow elected to rock an Orioles’ Brian Matusz jersey to a game not involving the Baltimore baseball team, but that’s somewhat inconsequential to what transpired when a foul ball was hit his way.

Watch as this poor sap makes his bid for corralling the coveted souvenir way too late as the ball is far past him as he topples into foul territory. Making matters worse, the guy spills his beer and eats dirt in the process.

Tough break, brah.

The best part is the dazed and confused look on his face as he attempts to regain his composure following his comical failure. Poor dude. Comes up empty on snagging the ball due to his delayed reaction then has to presumably hang his head in shame as he attempts to return to his seat while hoping he’s not ejected from the game.

But the sad story of the sloppy stab at a souvenir has a happy ending. Big League Stew reports that the fella ended up getting the ball after he returned to his seat thanks to the generosity of a Good Samaritan.

The beer, however, was unlikely replaced.