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Drew Miller’s thought after skate blade to face: ‘Oh my God, my eye is gone’


Detroit Red Wings winger Drew Miller on Wednesday said he feels “blessed” to be no worse for wear — relatively speaking, in hockey player terms — after a terrifying incident during Tuesday’s game when Ottawa Senators forward Mark Stone’s skate blade caught him on his right cheek, causing two lacerations and coming perilously close to doing some irreparable damage to his eye.

“Right away I knew something bad had happened,” he said, via the Red Wings’ official site. “My first reaction was get off the ice and get as close to the doctors as I can, because I didn’t know what exactly had happened. I knew it was around my eye. I wasn’t sure if my eye was gone or what was going on. My first reaction was get to the doctors, the people who can help me.”

Sixty stitches were required to close up the ghastly and gruesome injury. And, as hockey players are wont to due, Miller shrugged it off and skated with teammates during Wednesday’s practice.

Still, Miller understands just how close he came to such an eventuality ultimately occurring, saying that his first thought is was he was skating back to the bench permanently injured.

“When it happened, my first reaction was, ‘Oh my God, my eye is gone,’” Miller said.

It’s shocking that these kinds of incidents don’t happen more often on the ice — and thank goodness for that — given hockey players are skating around on what essentially amounts to two razor-sharp swords on their feet.

Miller further detailed the harrowing scene after getting clipped by Stone’s skate.

“It hit so hard … there was so much blood that I wasn’t sure if it had clipped my eyeball or what had happened. I wasn’t sure,” Miller added. “I definitely feel very blessed that the skate didn’t hit my eye. I was very lucky. Right now it’s just dealing with the cut, the stitches and the soreness. Other than that my eye’s good and I got on the ice today and felt pretty good.”

And just like the stereotypical hockey player, Miller downplayed how he will have a ghastly scar to remind him of the incident for the rest of his life.

The facial scar I can deal with that,” Miller said. “It was just my eye that I was the most worried about. You want to have a normal life after hockey and have both eyes that can see. That’s what I was worried about I can deal with the scar. I was just worried about the eye.”

Depending on the swelling and how things progress ahead of Thursday’s showdown with the Boston Bruins, Miller hope to be back on the ice come game time, less than two days removed from having a skate blade nearly gouge his eye out.

Again, hockey players, man.

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