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Drew Miller left with ghastly injury after being cut near eye by skate (pic/vid)


Detroit Red Wings left winger Drew Miller arguably is lucky not to be left more severely injured — or even blinded in his right eye — after a terrifying incident during the team’s game on Tuesday against the Ottawa Senators. In a disturbing scene that shockingly could have been much worse, Miller was caught on his face near the right eye by the skate blade of Senators right winger Mark Stone, suffering two lacerations.

Miller immediately came off the ice after Stone’s skate came flying up after falling forward, catching him on his right cheek perilously close to his eye.

Thankfully, the Red Wings indicated Miller suffered no real damage to the eye itself, per a Detroit Free-Press report.

Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock said that Miller will “have a big-time scar” but should be good to go sooner rather than later — although perhaps not as soon as the team’s next game on Thursday. That alone is plain stupefying given the ghastly appearance of his face, a disturbing image that quickly spread around social media.






In an absolutely stunning development, Miller reportedly was back on the ice practicing with the team on Wednesday.

Good grief. Hockey players are simply a different breed.

Perhaps no single incident in hockey is more horrifying than when a player loses his footing, causing a situation where razor sharp skate blades come up off the ice near another player.

This already frightening situation is even further exacerbated when this kind of potentially injurious scenario involves said skate blade rising up high towards another player’s face.