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Jameis Winston reportedly looking ‘flabby’ at Florida State Pro Day (pic)


Let another round of “Jameis Winston is fat” talk commence, as images surfacing from his pro day at Florida State on Tuesday gives the impression that the quarterback still looks a bit “flabby,” per the observation of Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith.

This latest display of the perceptible absence of a chiseled physique mark the third occasion where Winston’s appearance has called into question his conditioning and overall shape.

Images originally surfacing in early February, purportedly taken at a workout in early-mid-January, sparked the first round of speculation that Winston lacked the toned body such a highly touted athlete should have, or at least to the extent one would expect.

The notion that he was overweight was dismissed by Winston’s quarterback coach, George Whitfield. Winston himself later downplayed the controversy, saying at the NFL Scouting Combine, “A lot of people thought I was fat. But I’m proving everybody wrong. I look good and I know it.”

And then last week, another batch of photographs of Winston chumming with some pals while shirtless again caused another round of speculation that he wasn’t in tip-top physical condition.

Whatever the case may be regarding Winston’s overall shape, odds are it will not sway one NFL team or another from taking him in the first few picks of the 2015 Draft. Perhaps Winston will never possess the physique that rivals a Renaissance sculpture depicting the idealized male form.

Then again, maybe what shape he is in ahead of the draft has no impact upon what he can or cannot do on the field, even if it gives rise to the perception he might not taking his conditioning as seriously as he arguably should be treating it.