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Derek Jeter looking to open sports-themed restaurant in Tampa airport


Derek Jeter once again is looking to expand his entrepreneurial brand following his retirement by reportedly making a foray into  joining the ranks of airport restauranteurs.

The New York Yankees legend apparently has signed on with Concessions Tampa to open a 3,400 square foot restaurant inside the Tampa International Airport, reports the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Several prominent restauranteurs reporters are vying for the site, but Jeter certainly brings it with name recognition.

Emboldened by a promo package featuring photographs of the likes of Russell Wilson, Danika Patrick, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Chris Paul, Paul Pierce and Tyson Chandler, a proposal document sets forth that the planned restaurant is “not a sports bar” but apparently “a sports lounge,” a significant distinction.

“Come beyond the velvet rope to enjoy the VIP atmosphere,” the proposal reportedly reads. The menu apparently “skews upscale,” but items available will range from “Buffalo Chicken Wings to Braised Porchetta, Spanish Garbanzo Bean soup to Roasted Pear Salad,” per the TBBJ’s report.

Only one athlete-branded item will be included in the menu — the Jeter Burger — but no information is provided as to what constitutes a Captain-approved burger offering. This kind of name involvement is a departure from the manner in which Jeter is involved as a “secret owner” in an undergarment company known for its “Tempur-Pedic banana hammocks.” Seriously.

The planned name of the airport eatery  is “The Players’ Tribune Bar & Grill,” a spin on the name of the Jeter-fronted website, The Players’ Tribune, which he launched shortly following his retirement. iPads will be available at every table, presumably so visitors can check out Jeter’s site, among others.

Given the name of the planned establishment is a riff on The Players’ Tribune moniker — it’s no coincidence the promo package mentioned features photos of a few of the referenced athletes, given several of them “penned” pieces for the site in the past (Love, Griffin and Wilson, for example).

As alluded to above, The Players’ Tribune purports to publish content actually written by prominent athletes — which it apparently does not, according to reports. With than in mind, perhaps this Jeter business endeavor will be spearheaded by someone believed to be speaking on behalf of the Yankees icon, but not truly Jeter himself.

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